Friday, August 8, 2014

Pray pray!

About 2 weeks ago, when I was googling for ways to be calm relax and staying positive, they actually suggested meditating is one of the best way. And my reaction was, why not? Since I will be closer to got, relax, stay calm and less hot tempered. And there is no bad effect of it too! You guys can google about meditating too :)

Then one night when I was alone in my bedroom, i decided to start meditating. I searched for ways to meditate and even view Youtube videos about it.

That night was an unforgetable night for me because I basically have nothing sad or worries that night. But when I was meditating, i started crying. BADLY. Like tears really roll down my cheeks, and such. It was like me crying over someone passing away. That bad. And I was thinking to myself, stop crying. Why am I crying? Silly girl. Stop it.

Then as I was meditating, I felt more calm and there is this one step in meditating, I will have to tell God all my problems and worries, let them all out, and tell it to him, like he is my friend. So I let it all out. And still crying continuosly till I stop meditating.

After meditating, I straight away fell asleep. And it was a really really good sleep.
The next day I felt so much better. Also, I realised that I am a little bit MORE positive and happy. Hahahahahhaha maybe I really changed abit or .. im not sure..

For example, the class jersey that my friend have designed for the class. When i first received mine, I was shock because I ordered but I did not pay. I thought the people would have cancelled out my jersey and what not. But they didnt. So I basically have to pay that jersey. To be honest, that jersey is not pretty. It is just like a common kind of jersey colour and the font is quite ugly. I preferred the other one but it was not chosen. Besides, it was quite expensive too! Just incase my coursemates are reading this, so sorry but everyone has different mindset and different thoughts about it. No offence! And sorry if you feel offended. But when I open and see it, I kept a positive mindset and thought to myself, it may be common but be happy! At least you got yourself a new jersey! And its a jersey of your own class. Besides, I also thought to myself, since there is a site visit soon, why not wear it? Everyone will wear it too!
I even told my friend about what I thought and she agreed hahahaha. After I told my friend, I was thinking, since when I am this positive? Lol.

It might give you a change to! No harm trying it though. I really did feel happier, more open minded, positive and calmer! But not sure when assignment time, I will still be like this hahahahahaha.

But really, I did feel a change in my life. For everything I see and heard about something sadenning or pitiful, the first thing I thought to myself, "This person life must have been very hard. I pray to God that he will recover from the situation and move on. And bla bla bla" and to be honest, this is really really the first thing that came to my mind! Its like my mindset have changed.

There are many more experiences after my first time meditating. I listened to calm musics and start meditating. Feel so good! But for you readers out there, you might not trust me and stuff, but this is the experience I am experiencing and its up to you to comment about it! Just wanna tell everyone who sees this post, why not try meditating? Closer relationship with God! And more advantages to you too :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Start of Semester 2

Again its another semester! The first semester was almost deadly, hopefully my time management this time is better, plus my lecturer told us that we will be working non stop, and the only relaxing time is sem break or end of semester.

Everyone is the same, some dyed their hair, some cut their hair, some curl / straighten their hair, but all of them are almost the same!
For me, I did not do anything to myself because I was busy saving up cash to repay my debts in semester 1. (Projects stuff)

Besides, today is Day 2, and I received an assignment already! It is to track back our roots and anscestors* also and interview of our grandparents. Pretty fun? Nope.
We still have to design more stuff!
That is all for today, bye!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mini update! :)

In 8 days my semester 2 is starting soon, will miss the holidays but at the same time excited and feeling worried for semester 2!
More tough and sleepless days to come :(
I jist hope that my lecturers will be able to teach us properly and not by showing us the screen or slides anymore. 😑 That is so useless.

Basically my one month holiday, i slept half of the day, watch variety shows for the rest of the day and also eating and bathing :)

I have just finish ordering my taobao haul, and waiting for it to come! Super excited! Most probably next week :)
Dont worry! I will blog more about it when the parcel is in my hands! :)

Most probably next week will be getting my hair dyed, and meet up with my friends :)

I want to make a trip down to KL again to get more shopping! Wanna get a pair of casual sandals and more clothing hahahah.
Not to forget a bag before my college starts! Keke :)

Will be going on a site visit to Tanjung Bidara in 3 weeks time! Yayy :) ops! Not to forget I will need to buy a small lego super hero for my upcoming design project. Not sure why but thats what my lecturer asks to do! Will update more about it when I know :)

Thats all for today, x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's hope not.

Again another sad post and it is about my.feelings! So today my first semester in college results released!

To be honest, I really hope to get at least an A- for English and the rest is B! Because you cannot grade much for project works right? Actually, all my assignments are arts, and different people have different views and opinion about my art. Some people say its beautiful but some may think it is ugly. So I did not really care about my other results except English because of people's different mindset. But, I got it wrong.

What is wrong? Me? Or just others? I seem to not care about my results like I used to be in high school but the others, they just tend to compete with each other and such.

Let me just write it here, I do not want to compete my results with any of my coursemates and all I really want is to compete with myself. I just want to make sure for the next semester I will do well.

Today, people will start chatting with me and asking about my results. They just want to know my result so much. Competitor spirit lol.

All I am writing above are craps man..

Sometimes when people get high results with you and then they started becoming rivals and such.. I just want to avoid that. I dont want anyone to be my rival and such in college. Also, I really want to challenge myself only.. I do not really want to know the others results because I am just afraid I will start comparing and feel sad, guilty and such. I want to have a comfortable and fun study life in college. Not like in high school :/ and to be honest, I dont want anyone to know mine too because my senior once told me that, when she tells out her results to her coursemates, everyone start being close to her, wants to be the same team, and such.
Because they want to get as great results as my seniors. Not sure if this is the same thing going on with my coursemates though. :/

And one of my friend is actually bothering me :/ not sure if he is lying or what. Just feel uncomfortable :(

Everyday is an exciting day. Lets hope what happens tomorrow! Goodnight :) ending of with my selfie HAHAHAAHHAHA

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Its semester break! Its time for me to have some good rest, sleep, fun, TRIPSS!!
But what I am doing right now is..
And more sleep.
And just sleep.
When my family ask me out for shopping, usually i will go with them but this holiday, i will just stay at home.
Because i dont want to waste money and pay my debts for the previous semester. T.T
So yeah! Must save and earnnnn!!!
Okay what I really wanna say in this blog post is..
In this semester, there are times that I feel left out, missing out and feeling lost. Not studies and else but in relationship.
When I say relationship, it involves friends, family and also love.
There is one major problem of me which is, I always over think.
All the time when I feel left out, i will think why are they doing this to me? Do they hate me? Did i do something wrong again? and more.
There is this person I know and she/he never even bother about it. He/she never over think AT ALL. The reason I am stating this is  I salute him/her. And has very happy life! That's what I think, can be wrong though.
So.. I wanna change. In this second semester of school, I want to be a new and better person. I treat semester like years, new resolution and aims.
So my resolution to this semester is..
Be a better person.
But all I am afraid is, I wouldn't. Since 16 I have been wanting to change this bad attitude of me which is, fierce.
I just don't know why I always bring out the fierce part of me! Like, sometimes I am staring at something and people just think I am very scary. :x
Let me say it again, since 16 I always want to be a better person but fail, so this time, from July onwards, I am going to be a better, more open minded, outgoing, calm person! 
I think the reason I did not change is because, I did not put in any effort and never always remember my resolutions.
And here goes the saying,  

Pain makes people change.

And yeah, this time I am putting more effort so that I can change! If I put in more effort, I will gain pain and change. Am I right? hahaahah.
Also, have faith!
But you know, I am quite afraid of changing as the first step to change myself is the hardest thing. For example, stuff that you cannot accept at first, I have to accept it and all! So then, I came across with this tumblr quote saying,

Don't be afraid of change, you may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something so much better.

To be honest, after reading this quote, I feel so much better, and not really afraid of changing anymore.

Hahahahaah im watching WGM global <3 so sweet !!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

[REVIEW] Barbie Ash Brown Contact Lenses

Hello People! I am back to review a product again today! And its Barbie Contact Lenses! <3 I am very glad and happy when I received the news that I am going to review this pair of lovely barbie contact lenses in Ash Brown! <3
But first of all, I really really thank god and thank HiShop.My for allowing me to review this pair of Ash Brown Contact Lenses because I have been wanting to have a pair of colour lenses and also its my first time reviewing a pair of Contact Lens! So Excited <3

When I received the parcel, it comes with a pair of lens cases! I never thought that they will give me a pair of lens cases though, I thought I will need to buy them. But yeah, they come along :) When the parcel arrived my house, the contact lens is also fully bubble wrapped to prevent it from cracking and such because the bottle is made out of glass!

This pair of contact lens is one of the barbie series in ash brown, and it is plano. Meaning it has no power in it ! You can view more of the product here.

You will need a pair of pliers to open up the contact lens bottle because it is very dangerous to open with your bare hands. You may cut yourself because there are sharp metals when opening.

See the sharp metal part? Make sure not to cut your hands!

When you open it, just gently pour away the solution in the lens bottle and gently transfer your contact lens to the casing!

This is after I transfer my colour lenses to the casing!
Remember not to wear them immediately, because I searched online and they recommend us to soak it in a new solution for at least 16 hours! So I soaked my for 16 hours and its time to wear them! :) <3 <3

This picture is to show the enlarging effect of the contact lens! For your information, this contact lens diameter is 16.2 mm :)

How it looks like when there are flashlights!
Very beautiful huh? I really like this pair of Ash Brown colour lenses! 

This is how it looks like indoor :) Not really obvious, giving the enlarging effect, and very natural ! Lovin' this pair to the max <3 

I on the flash light of my phone and took the pictures using my camera! This is how it looks like. You can see the colour lenses here too! 

This is how it looks like when I am standing under one light! Hehe :)

And me facing the sunlight! Really beautiful pair of contact lenses here :))

For your information the pair of contact lens that I am wearing is called Barbie Ash Brown :)
The details are as below:
Diameter : 16.2 mm
Water Content : 38 %
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Replacement Period : 12 months
Country of Origin : Korea
Manufacturer : Dueba

If you are interested in this product and want to have more information, click here!

In my opinion,
I would give the comfort rate 4 / 5. First of all, it is more comfortable than my normal contact lenses that I wear because the water content is lower. Secondly, I would give it 4/5 for its enlarging effect because it makes my eyes bigger and also makes my eyes 'pop' out ! For the price, I would give it a 5 / 5! Because it is really worth the price, also very comfortable for me. 

Don't forget to 
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Not to be forgotten, there's a little promotion for my readers too! 
Don't forget to key in the code BARBIE14 when you check out because you will get an exclusive RM 20 rebate with a minimum purchase of RM 99. :) <3
*Valid till 31 July 2014.

Thank you for reading ! <3

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 more weeks till semester break !

Well! Just done with all the big final projects and presentations, i would say its really successful even though we get to finish it in such a short time!
What is my thoughts after the 1st semester?
Well.. in the starting of the first semester, i always tell myself, to change, be a better person, avoid dramas and all.
But i guess i cant change myself? Its just the same old me.
People's first impression of me is rough, fierce and rude. And it is all because of the first intro to drawing lesson where I rushed out to steal my friend's microphone to introduce myself. :/
Thank god i've my good friend to accompany me throughout this whole semester.
And we made new friends slowly because we are shy! The next month, my other good friend is in the same campus with us! So happy! Got to hang out with her some times only because busy doing assignments :(
There are some times I regret being so close with one of my new friend that everyone misunderstood me. Gain much haters because of that one incident.
Life just have to keep going on and on and on.
Most of my assignments are in group works, mainly 4-7 people! Of course there would be some people who we name them the MIA(missing in action), the one who complains alot and many many more! This people really makes me so pissed off that if you read my twitter its all angry tweets.
Trust issue is very common. I remember the first time i told a friend of mine a secret, and apparently when i was not around, he told his other friends and so on! What have I ever done to you that you need to tell your friends about my secret. Its a secret , dont you understand? After that incident , I never tell him anything again.
Well of course there are some times he will come up to me and ask what happen, but still , I dont trust you again anymore, well there are few reasons why,
1. I dont think you are this caring.
2. You never understand because you are very very open minded.
3. You get to mix along with friends easily and sometimes I know you forget me.

In my gang of friends , I guess I am the most left out, rudest and fierce person? I admit, i dont need you to help me to admit.
Of course there are sometimes when people ask me question, there is this one person that will help you to answer.

And to my friends that are so close me in this first semester, i hope that we remain this close, and i sincerely apologize if I ever offend you, I hope that you will forgive my mistakes that I ever done to you. Hopefully, the 2nd semester will be like a new book, no hatred or anything from the 1st semester.

But of course there will be some hatred that will be wondering in my mind. I just cannot start a new book, this book of mine only opens a new chapter instead of a book.
(This are all craps :/)

And if my friend is reading this, instead of listening and believing in rumors about me, why not ask me the truth instead? This is my ,

Thank you and byebye♡

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 12!

Its week 12 of my first semester in college! Just submitted an assignment yesterday and got b- ! Not sure to be happy or sad because i wanted some As ! Actually its really hate to judge our assignments especially in this course because its related to arts and in some people point of view, it can be a beauty or very ugly! :)

Went to one city today, and snapped my feet shot hehe :)

Oh! Today is the first day I wear contact lens too! So happy hahhahah

And some happy stuff, i went to watch chloe's meme original video! Laugh like mad HAHAHAHAAHA

This coming friday i will have to submit another presentation which is a video of my group mates interviewing an architect and also a magazine booklet!! Stress ttm ! :/

Here is a picture of my selfie before signing off, byeeeee <3

Friday, May 2, 2014

OMG Not again.

My blog is back to its state - deadly.
Ever since 9 February till now, I've never even enter my blog once!
Some people even commented stupid stuff asking me to blog again and yeah, here I am!
Let me tell you what I've been doing lately making me so busy!
First of all, I shall put all my blame to MY COURSE.
I've got no idea why am I so busy and every night I had to stay back to do my assignments with my group mates!
Basically most of the assignments are group works and very few individuals.
Almost every week there's at least 1 to 3 assignments that I need to hand in and in fact, I do not get enough sleep.
Today I've only got 3 hours of sleep!

What am I looking forward to is the SEMESTER BREAK.
It is in July and I can't wait for it!
Things to do will be going to a trip with friends, catching up with my sleep and also blog (if I stop slacking ahahha)

Shall get back to my assignments!

Bye readers, x

Sunday, February 9, 2014

[REVIEW] Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Set

Hello Everybody! This is another review post all thanks to Natta Cosme! 
Today I will introduce you guys a new product which is the...
Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Set!
This set includes 2 items only, which are the toner and the face mask!
This Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Set makes your skin brighter, fairer and more moisturize! 

So this is how the skin toner looks like :

After looking through the external product, lets get into the toner!
When I first received this product, its totally different from the other toner I've got because its very heavy! 
The bottle is made of glass and this toner is 120 ml 

Me and the toner :)

The cover is designed to close it tight! 

Now its the time to test the product!
Use this product every morning and every night for the best result.

Step 1. Wash your face with cleanser.

Done washing!
Step 2. Apply 3 - 4 pumps of Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Skin Toner on a cotton pad and gently stroke over face and neck in an upward motion.

Get a cotton pad, and apply 3 - 4 pumps of Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Skin Toner !
Actually according to the instructions, they said to use only 3 - 4 drop of the toner, but to me, I think its way too little! Plus, it comes with a pump cap and not a dropper. Thus, I use 3 - 4 pumps :)

Ok! For step 2, I bold 2 words which is UPWARD MOTION.
This picture is from and I added some pink arrows for you guys to know what's the meaning of upward motion.
Why upward motion?
You want to 'lift' up your face to look younger, if you keep stroking your face in a downward motion, soon or later your skin will sag and you will look older than the others! 

Selfie of me using the product #selfie

Stroke your neck in an upward motion as said in step 2!

Now you have a brighter and fairer looking face :)


After using the Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Skin Toner, its time for the Beauty Mate's Purifying and Hydrating Face Mask!

What's good about this mask is it totally fits your face!
There's this part where you will need to peel off and sorry! There's no picture :(
After taking out a layer of the mask, apply it on to your face for 15 - 20 minutes! In between, I usually pat the mask on my face time to time for it to absorb more.
After taking out the mask from the packaging, you will notice there's still some remaining essence in the packet, what you can do with it is, 
Take a cotton pad and put it in the packet for it to absorb, then apply it on your face, neck, and body!

Now you have a fresh new face with a brighter, fairer, smoother, softer, more moisturize skin complexion :)

In My Opinion,
I would rate the skin toner a 4.5/5 because it does not give a sticky effect like the other toners I've gotten! That's one amazing thing about it and also it sort of 'lock' the moisture in my face :) When I apply this nano skin toner, it gives me a little chilly effect and feeling fresher! For the other 0.5, its actually the part where they say apply 3 - 4 drops instead of pumps!
I would rate the mask 5/5.
Because I feel the chilly effect too when I am wearing this mask, it also makes my face fresher, and brighter!

To me, I think the best time to use the mask is at night. What I always do is I will soak some cotton pads with toner and apply it on the my face and sleep with it! When I am awake, I will just take away the cotton pads from my face and feel even fresher! Plus, my pores are all closed up too!

If you are interested in this product, I got it from Natta Cosme  ! Do like their facebook page for more informations and updates here!

That's all about this review! I hope you guys love it!