Monday, December 1, 2014

Day and Night Face Care Routine

Hello people! 
Past few years I have been walking back home from my high school, my face has about 1 or 2 small pigments due to the exposure of sun. When I was young, I do not really care about how my face is. But thank God during that age I do not have lots of pimples! (Maybe is in the family gene? Not sure.)
When I was 15, I was exposed more to facial products such as toner, serum and such during my second trip to Korea. And I did not know my face has so much dead skin cells!
So here I am just showing you guys my daily routine for my face. :) 
Hope you guys like it!

Day Time
Every morning, I will wash my face with a cleanser. I have been using Eversoft's Facial Cleanser to wash my face for years since 12! This year, there is a rash spot on my right cheek. And it look so awkward to have a slight red spot on my face. That is the reason why my face have been so oily!

I always apply a thin layer of Nivea moisturiser on my face to keep my face moisturise all day!

Then, I apply another layer of sunblock which is from Murad. I love this sunblock so much because it has vitamin C in it! 
However, one bad thing about this sunblock is it is oily. Which I do not really like and makes my face looks like I have not washed my face for years. -_____-
However, since it is good for skin, why not? :P

And that is it for my day time face routine before I head to school! I also apply a very thin layer of Aqueous Cream on my lips instead of lip balm. This is because my lips are very dry and no matter how much I drank water my lips are still dry. Just to summarize what product I use at night: Nivea Moisturising Cream and Murad Sun Block. For Lips, Aqueous Cream which you can find at any pharmacies.

Night Time

Every night we are supposed to applied toner. However, I do not apply toner because it gives that sticky feeling which I do not like. (I like it smooth!) Every night I have been using Beauty Talk's gel cleanser which gives a very smooth effect! I think everyone should try it.

Then, I will apply a thicker layer than day time for my skin!
To be honest this Nivea Creme did not state whether it is specifically for face. I just used it and since there is no allergy or any bad signs of this cream, I continue using it till now since the starting of this year!

There are days where I actually use my sister's gold beauty bar to apply the moisturising cream. Here is how to use it: apply dots of cream on your face, then on your beauty bar and start massaging the face !
And that is it for my night time daily face routine. I also apply aqeous cream on my lips too! :)

And that's it! Gotta rush to do my assignment now, :x

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mini Updates week 15!

By the way, week 15 in my title means the 15th week in Semester 2 now! :)

This week is considered one of the most relaxing week for me because its business charity week! I chose maths over business and my assignments for maths is finally over! While the business student will have to sell stuff and the profit earned will be their grades.. and maths student will have final exams.

To be honest, I had no interest in taking business at all. After listening to my senior that he had to sell stuff, its a totally no no to me hahahahaah.

This week is so relaxing that most of the class is cancelled because of the business charity week! And to the maths students, its holiday! ♡ except the fact we still have maths class 3 hours per week, but it is ok!
One of my friend actually admitted to hospital last weekend and she is finally discharged today! Hahahha thank god she is better now but her appetite level is still low, so its time to boost her appetite level and make her more hungry 💪💪
But we tried all food in taylors and we got bored with it...

There is this blogger which inspires me to blog even more (not stating who hahahah) and she is so inspiring! Gotta blog even more now HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, the next blogpost will be quite interesting (I hope) for you readers, so hope you will look forward in reading it! Bye ♡♡

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mini Updates

Just handed in one of my mini assignment this evening. So tired -____-
Tomorrow have to go mural art hunting for my assignment which dues date on Monday HAHAHAHA. [super last minute but it is supposed to be. Hehehe]
Tomorrow also have to go to coffee shops to take pictures for my assignment which is also due-ing on the Monday. Heehhehe :)
And if you compare my classmates and I, my photography level is just NOVICE and they are professionals wtf. I should stop wasting time selfie ing and learn proper photography skills lol. When I show my friends my photo.. shy... HAHAHHAHA because it really look ugly and no matter how I take it, it is still ugly!!! This is something which makes me so frustrated HAHAHA. Maybe I am not talented at all but whatever.
Just hope that I will get a B- for that assignment! HAHAHAHA.

Have been listening to Shila Amzah's audition songs and it is super duper great!
I feel so bad being a Chinese and cannot even speak or read complicated words when she can lol.
Anyway I am very impressed and her vocal cords are great!

Had been seeing that one girl which I really dislike during high school in my uni and ew.. eff you? What the fudge are you doing in my uni ? Hahhahahah anyway you never really changed at all and hmm.. still the same so no big deal bout you. Btw if you are reading this, I don't give a big shit about you :) so fudge you! ^^

Anyway to that one person who I appreciated once so much, I am finally over you and no big deal about you too :)

I had been thinking much about this particular person and you are just too charming :) But shy.. HAHAHAHA

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hmm.. Anything~

Was assigned to a group of 4 for an important module outline which is Introduction to Design in my semester 2! And we are finally done with assignments given for group work.
So glad to work with you guys, the bunch of fun people, <3.

By the way there is a reason why my title is Hmm.. Anything.
This is because every time we are together and when someone asks a question, the main answer would be ANYTHING. Like almost all the time.
This is because we couldn't decide on something well and we just go with Anything.
Super hilarious to us!

Anyway this is an appreciation post to thank you guys very much! Even though we didn't get the marks we were supposed to got but at least we are satisfied and our model has more insta likes. HAHAHAHAHAH

Qiu Qiu~~

Monday, November 3, 2014

[REVIEW] Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel

I will be reviewing a new type of double cleansing gel by Beauty Talk today. It is stated on the box that it will deep clean pores, leaving skin instantly refreshed and refined. Not sure how true it is but I shall try it!

First, pump a generous amount of the Double Cleansing Gel on your hands.
Tip #1: If you have make up on, just place an adequate amount on palm of hand and massage in a circular motion. Then rinse with clean water. Repeat if heavy makeup is applied.
Tip #2: For daily cleansing, add water to turn gel into smooth foam, then apply foam evenly and massage. Rinse off foam with water.

Smooth and feel refreshed! So here is the look of the cleansing gel.



Front look of box

Back look of box.

Overall, I rate this a 4.5/5 ! This is because I like how it can be used to remove make up and for daily cleansing. Perfect! For the 0.5, its because it leaves an oily feel after rinsing my face. But I guess the oily feel is to lock in moisturize my face because it contains Sodium Hyaluronate! Which is to increase the moisture content in skin through washing and also increases moisture retention ability through keratins to achieve an oil moisture balance complexion, also giving a perfect healthy glow. Not to mention, it also contains mild natural enzymes that interact during washing to speed up metabolism of wastes in pores and clean dirt from surface of skin. It has a mild PH level close to skin, making it a non irritating cleanser that cleans skin from deep down!

This bottle is 200ML.
Suitable for all skin types.
Made in Taiwan.

To know more about this product or to purchase this product: Click HERE
Not to be forgotten, who don't want discounts right?
So just key in LEEJANICE upon checking out to get a 15% rebate!

A big thank you to HiShop.My for giving me a chance to review this Beauty Talk Be White Double Cleasing Gel! So readers... don't forget to..

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Something to be discovered

I know its hard to find something about yourself. For example, talent. Till now, I do not know what am I good at. And I do not know whether i have those "super power" or "super mind" hahahah. No one will know till they discover themselves.

Let's just talk about talent. Its very very hard to find your talent. But when you discover it, you will use it to the fullest and will actually love yourself more. I believe every single of us have different talents and they are not the same. And I believe everyone is talented in MORE THAN 1 THING.
But then, what if you see your greatest enemy is talented in the stuff that you know you are not talented in? Are you going to keep practising that particular talent? I know practise makes perfect but, some stuff cannot be forced. To me, no matter how much you practice but no talent, I think lower chance you will actually be greater than people with talents.

This can be related to many stuff.
Lets give for example.. design.

Someone with talent in design
Someone that is hardworking  in practicing design but 0 % talent.

Indeed, hardwork + attitude + talent = the best thing ever. But to me, I think someone with talent in design is totally better than someone that is hardworking in practicing design but 0% talent.

Again , this is what I am thinking.

These are just my thoughts.

What if your greatest enemy is the one talented in designing and you are the one that is 0 talent  but hardworking?
Obviously you will feel jealous, and this creates anger in your heart. Making you even more hardworking in something that you are not talented. Right? How about telling yourself and always remind yourself,

Jealousy is the greatest enemy.

In such a state, you should completely ignore your greatest enemy. Do not give a single care. Sometimes you need to act a little bitchy and tell yourself, " who cares he is actually good in design? Stupid. I dont give a single damn and I am sure there is something I am better than you." Then just walk away from there.
It seriously help for me lol.
But most people do not do that. Instead, they became jealous and from that moment, they start comparing their works to his.
Tell yourself, do you really think you are doing this right?? They just keep comparing and comparing. But when you are done with the semester and you got greater than him,what do you get?
You will only have a little happiness that will last for just a short moment and that happiness is gained from the wrong way.

To be honest, after completing my latest assignment. I am actually rethinking whether I should continue or no. This is because in that assignment, I have 0 talent in it. Then I told my mum that I am rethinking. She did not lecture me and scold me. Instead she ask me to think harder. hehe ♡
But for now, I do not want to drop it yet, I will want to finish my semester 2 and only see how. That assignment requires me to draw. And my drawing is damn shit hahahah.

I think everyone should at least sit by themselves once in a quiet place, relax and maybe listening to song, and talk to your innerself silently. Instead of trying hard to copy a talent of others, why not find it out yourself? Your own inner talent.

If your job is about doing what you love, you will love your job and instead of job, its a hobby. If your job is about doing what you love, you will love it everytime you travel to work and you wont feel tiring and whatever. Because everyday it brings you excitement. This goes the same to talent.

Instead of doing what you have 0 talent in, just to be the same as your greatest enemy so that you can win him, why not just find out what is your talent, make it as your job and be successful from there? Imagine you are doing a job you really like and successful, your greatest enemy will be jealous. It makes you feel way better than you working hard to win him. This is what I am thinking about.

Other than talent and design, it applies to many other stuff too!

Stay positive and do what you love. Indirectly you will be successful in your own way. Do not gain happiness the wrong way.

Just another last warning, this is what I am thinking and I am not accusing any of my enemy and friends.

Nights, x.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Taobao Haul #1

Finally, my Taobao haul arrive!!!
This is my first time buying from Taobao. When it arrive, I was super duper happy and it brightens up my day because the parcel came in the morning! 
The procedure is like this. I have to go through an agent. 
Step 1.: Order through
Step 2: Pay money
Step 3: Wait for parcel to arrive warehouse.
Step 4: Pay shipment to Malaysia so that the parcel in warehouse will be shipped to our house.
Step 5: Arrive!!

It takes 8 days for it to arrive my house from the warehouse because the Malaysia custom office was closed due to Hari Raya! If not, it will be faster for it to arrive my house!

So here is my 2kg of items from taobao! As you can see, the parcel is very big compare to my hand! Hehe
 Below are the items that I bought from taobao!

First of all, the casings!

Its my note 3 casings! I super love them especially the light purple one! The fish bone, stickers, dust plug and screen protectors are free gift from my sellers !

This toilet plunger is also a free gift from my seller! They are so nice :)
Then for the clothings:

I bought this white dress and I super love it from the images from taobao. Sadly, it was not what I expected in the image. It is not body fitting to me! Maybe I am too skinny hahaha. Plus, there is a small hole near the chest area. But I think I can cover it if I wear a necklace! :) Overall, its worth price and the quality of this dress is very good! Thick and not sheer :) If not mistaken, its about RM 12! Free postage to the China's Warehouse.

This daisy romper is super loveeee!!! I super love this rompers! But the plastic which adjusts the strap is a little too fragile. It can be removed easily! Overall, I still super love this rompers! Even though it is thin and the part that has white polka dots and white daisy, it is very very sheer and can be seen through, it is still a good buy! If not mistaken, about RM 8 include free shipping to the warehouse.

This set of pom pom is also my other love! But, it is thin and can somehow see through, that's why I bought the black instead of the white one. About RM 12 per set include free shipping to China Warehouse.

My super love Stylenanda Inspired Long Jacket! Bought it about RM 15 include free shipping to China Warehouse. But I did not wear it yet because its abit too over to wear in Malaysia hahaha!

Total the clothings here are less than RM 50. Still worth it right! Some of my friends said the clothing on taobao if include the shipping to Malaysia it is still the same as you buy from Times Square. But I don't think so! It is maybe about RM 5 cheaper per item. Hahahaah. That is what I think :P

Overall the stuff that I bought is super love! Here are some tips of buying in Taobao through my first experience of  buying from Taobao!
1. The clothing's weight is approximately the clothing's length.
For example, the jacket that I bought was about 135cm long. The weight is about 135 grams! (Do plus minus at least 30 grams in it just in case it doesn't overweight)
2. Try buying items that have free postage to China Warehouse. Some sellers have promotions like buy above 20 yuan free postage, buy 4 items free postage and such. It really saves up alot of your money!
3. Try to get dark color clothings IF POSSIBLE. Because sometimes the white colors one are quite thin and can be seen through! For example the daisy romper and the pom pom sets! They also got sell the white colors one but according to the comments, its too thin.
4. Read the comments of the seller and also how many stars the seller have. If you are not sure of something, do chat with the seller! Most of my sellers are 24/7 online! So I can chat with them everytime and they reply very fast too :)

That's all for the tips that I have learnt throughout my first experience of buying from taobao! Second one is coming soon :P

Friday, August 29, 2014

Melaka Trip Day 3

Thank god no new friends welcomed us again! 
Its the last day here in Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort, other than the first night. It is a really good experience.
The food they served us too are great!
The first breakfast they served us fried rice, fried noodles, sausages, salads, cereals, porridges, coffee, tea, also curry noodles! 
For lunch, they served us green curry, ulams, kuih, desserts, and rice! For drinks, it was sarsi, and some milk with fruits kind of a thing. The green curry was super yummy <3
Then for tea, they served curry puff and some kuihs also, coffee and tea.
For dinner, they served us barbeque chicken, lamb, beef, and squid. Also there are rice, vegetables and more! The drink was orange carrot cordial. 
The next morning, nasi lemak, sup ekor noodles, cereals, porridge, coffee and tea!
Then for lunch it was, asam fish, chicken, pumpkin, desserts! 

Overall, the food they served was REALLY GOOD. The swimming pool water doesn't look that clean but I think it is chlorine free? Lol. Because there are no chlorine smell somehow. Or maybe they put in a little chlorine only hahahaha. The beach was not really clean. But still better than Port Dickson! 

Here are some pictures of the resort. There are also a playground too!

The journey back to Taylor's was about 2 and a half hours! It was a smooth ride too :) Thanks to our lecturers, drivers and my coursemates! It was a really fun time! :))

That's all for my 3 days 2 night Melaka Trip! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Melaka Trip Day 2

Its the day 2 of Melaka trip! Our first night in the Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort was HORRIBLE.
It scare us girls shit out of our room! First of all, the first impression of this resort was just meh, not really as nice as what we see through pictures. The room was worse. The beds and everything is okay except the toilet. Its like they did not scrub the tiles of the floor and wall for like months. Its all yellow and some black black spots. The ceiling of the toilet was quite meh too! Can't describe it.

What is more horrible, there are new 'friends' to welcome us in our rooms! My friends room and mine was connected. When we opened it, we screamed like mad. There is a huge cockroach welcoming us in between the doors! It was super huge. Thank God that one of my guy lecturer was staying the same row as us, helped us to kill the cockroach :x
That's not all!!!!!!!

One of my friend's room have centipedes crawling on their bed. About 2 centipedes on their bed. Can you believe it??? It was so scary and their toilet have baby cockroaches too. Super super scary. I bet the housekeeper never clean and check the rooms before handing the card to us!! One of my friend went to complain to the management, and what they did is, they sent a guy to the room and he was holding Shieldtox -______- And he was checking through the beds and toilets for centipedes and cockroach and he said there are no cockroach and centipedes. Luckily one of my friend took a picture of the centipede crawling on the bed! And he claimed that there are no centipedes. They asked if they can change their room but the management said it is full already. Wtf? My friend then went to stay with my other friend's in a chalet of 6 people.

Luckily there are no centipedes on our beds after we have check through all in my room. BUT.
When my friend is showering in my room, a centipede came out from the toilet hole. So SCARY. And it was crawling quite fast and very active! Thank God that there is actually an electric kettle in my room. I boiled the water and poured it on to the centipede. Seconds later, it died. Then when my other friend was bathing, the second centipede came out of the toilet hole! I poured the boiling water onto the centipede and seconds later, it died again. I was so disgusted that I poured boiling water into each and every toilet holes lol.

It was a horrible experience that night and I hope that they will check the rooms before handing it to us. Plus, it wasn't a cheap resort too. Maybe they charged us more because there are facilities like swimming pool, beach and a nearby jungle.

My friends and I were so scared, that we joined our beds and sleep together.

In the morning, the view of our room was actually quite nice! Despite the 'friends', it was a nice resort.
Our second morning. 
We woke up at 7am for jungle tracking. 
It was a good experience for jungle tracking, but I don't think I am going to jungle track anymore hahaaha. It was too tiring and exhausted! Plus, super duper slippery. Also, the mosquitoes are too much. My friends who wore short pants to jungle track got bitten by the mosquitoes at least 5 times hahahaa. The mosquito repellent was not really useful too!

Natural phenomena! The oyster shells are sticking onto the rocks in the beach! I tried taking out one of them but it really couldn't. hahaahah

Us after the mini war within our coursemates!

Then we prepared for the night event. 

Our lecturers dress up as Megan Fox, Bear, and Eagle! 
It is soo funny and it was a good entertainment! Great job lecturers! <3

We are suppose to dress up as our lego superhero. I was supposed to dress up as Captain America. But the shorts that I am planning to wear got wet for the mini war that afternoon :\ This picture is me and one of my friend who dress up as wolverine! :) Hahahah, everyone who saw this picture said I look so happy, its like I am in disneyland taking picture with mascots hahahahah.

Selfie with one of my guy friend! He is the closest guy friend to me! <3

Seflie with one of my girl friend too :) She is a very funny one! hehe

That's all for my night event! PS.: The night event ended around 12 near 1 am. By the time we shower and all its about 1.30 am. Hahaha, it was a fun night! 
Good job everyone <3